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 BREAKING NEWS  March 10, 2014

Zombies in Paradise

Members of the Zombie Opera have enjoyed a successful opening weekend of the Pittsburgh premiere of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Utopia Ltd., a highly technical show that is often overlooked due to it’s overwhelming production values. But this year, in honor of it’s 75th anniversary, the Pittsburgh Savoyards have undertaken this strenuous project, and have cast several members of Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera in prominent roles, and in mostly the same cast of it’s two alternating and highly talented casts of performers. This marks the first occasion where Zombie Opera stage performers, film performers, audio performers, stage crew, and production crew have collaborated on such a grand scale.

Bonnie Bogovich and Liz Rishel mug for the audience in the comic roles of two twin Princesses, Kalyba and Nekaya, two “modest” girls who learn how to embrace their wild side. Other Zopera members include Robyn Peterson (studio choir), Nils Hammer (studio choir), Brian Bogovich (Production crew, filmed Zombie), Gwen Schmidt (Production Crew, Filmed Extra), Mari Storch (Filmed Zombie, Stage Zombie), Chris Carter (Filmed Extra, Stage Soldier/Zombie), Jim Newsome (Filmed Extra, Production Crew), Andrea Carriker (Stage Manager), Ed Griffiths (Lighting Designer), and… Who is that young tenor?? Could it possibly be Jordan Speranzo? (Filmed character- Aidan Bower).

One more weekend remains to catch this unholy amalgamation before its conclusion- but if you wish to see the “Zombie Opera Cast,” aim for Thursday 13th, or Saturday 15thboth performances at 8 pm at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall in Carnegie, PA. 

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  1. I’m so proud of our zombie family. Just as we brought zombies to the attention of normal opera goers with The Zombie Opera, we are also helping bring normal opera to the attention of horror fans through our Zopera connection:)

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