» Our Mission Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera


Our Mission

Our Mission?

Our Mission is to employ local Pittsburgh artists to create original works that embrace counter-culture with a blending of performance and multimedia arts.

Why Pittsburgh?

As Pittsburgh natives we are fortunate to live in a town with a wealth of historical and artistic culture.  From our steel mills to our sports teams to our symphony, Pittsburgh always offers enriching experiences to people of many diversities. As a result, Pittsburgh produces a great number of highly-talented artists in need of opportunities through which they may express themselves.  Our goal is to gather local talent and unite in a common passion for new innovations in the performing arts.

Why Zombies?

Pittsburgh is the birthplace of the slow-walking, undead definition of “Zombie” as devised by Night of the Living Dead, creator George Romero.  We have embraced this heritage with such fervor, that many young “yinzers” have that hand-made zombie costume in their drawer at home waiting for the next zombie-themed event to be announced.

Other towns have rallied their zombie counter-culturalists in similar themed events, but none have come close to producing Pittsburgh’s number of participants.

That’s why we want to embrace this beloved piece of culture and produce a show that glorifies Pittsburgh as “Zombie Capital of the World”.