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The Studio Album features eleven select arias, recorded and produced in our recording studio with the original cast. As pristine as a bloody zombie opera album can get:) Buy the Full album (all 11 tracks) online today! Recorded in Summer 2011.

Available for Purchase at:
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Want to experience the entire premiere performance of Zombie Opera in your own home from overture to finale as if you were in the audience?  Complete with sneezes and foot scuffles? Buy the Premiere Show 2010 “Official” Bootleg Album (all 29 tracks) online today!

Available for Purchase at:
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UPDATE: If you are at our 5 year Anniversary event at Mr. Smalls Theater we will have a limited amount of DVDS available for special pricing of only $10!!!!

We have a special limited run of the Premiere 2010 Grey Box Theater performance on DVD. Special Features include audio commentary from the production heads and artistic directors.  You also get a playbill from the 2010 performance. Email us at thezombieopera@gmail.com if you wish to order one shipped to you!  Copies are only $16 (includes paypal fees, shipping and handling).

If you would like be added to the list to be notified when we have DVDs of the final run, Fall 2011 at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, please email us at thezombieopera@gmail.com

Shirts, Buttons, and More!

We will have a select number of buttons (“what about Charles?”, “Logo”, and “Quarantine Minis”), Tshirts, Postcards, and the limited screened print at our Five Year Anniversary at Mr. Smalls event on October 3rd!