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Press Reviews

Reviews/News Articles

“Glove and Boots” Video Blog
Zombie University (referenced at 4:26)

Point Park Globe
Zombies Everywhere

Tribune Review
Halloween offers plenty to do, for both living and undead

Waffle Shop video interview
Cast member Robert Miller talks about Zombie Opera (at 2 mins in)

YourMonroeville dot com
Zombie fascination continues to fester

segment about Molly’s Trolleys and the Zombie Opera

Pittsburgh Underground
Zombie Opera at World Zombie Day THIS SATURDAY!!!

North Hill “Patch”
‘Zombies’ Plan to Invade Market Square for Pittsburgh Zombie Fest

WPXI “See and Be Seen”
slideshow of photos from our Fall Fundraiser at Sing Sing

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Local Section
photo of zombie model Reagan Heller and makeup artist Arvin Clay

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Listing under “Other happenings” for Halloween Season

Pittsburgh on Video ; Unsung News
Episode 10: Evenings in Quarantine” interview with show creators

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 
“Weekend Hot List”  mention of Horror Realm Cabaret

New Sun Rising
And now, a few words from The Zombie Opera

Pittsburgh Magazine
May 2011 Calendar + Family Events…. attend a Zombie Opera show….

The Zed Word: Zombie Blog 
Spend your “Evenings in Quarantine” at The Zombie Opera: Live in Pittsburgh

Only In Pittsburgh
Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera (Spring Edition) – interview

Boring Pittsburgh
The Zombie Opera Returns in Spring!

Post Gazette: 2Do Calendar 2011-02-27
Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre & Zombie Gras: Zombie Opera panel

Tribune Review
“Personality Test: Artistic director Liz Rishel”

Gores Truly
“The Zombie Opera – Pittsburgh” by Boris

Zombies and Toys
“Evenings In Quarantine: The Zombie Opera” Has Got Bite!

The Tartan (CMU)
“Pittsburgh faces its zombie apocalypse”

Closer To Pittsburgh
The Anti-Review- “This is more Kafka on Broadway”

Tall Tales from a Small Town
“In the Big City: The Zombie Opera”

Random Acts of Mike Watt
“It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Zombie Sings…”

Point Park “The Globe”
“Zombies invade stage, infect community with horror-themed opera”

Duquesne Duke
“Zombie Opera adds to stale , formulaic genre

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 
“Stage Review: ‘Zombie Opera’ a home-grown production”

Operagasm blog 
“If You Don’t Want to be Zombie Food…”

Boring Pittsburgh 
“The Zombie Opera – Show Review”

Tribune Review –
‘Zombie Opera’ hopes to be dead-on with its high notes

Pittsburgh City Paper –
“It’s October and zombies are breaking out all over — even in a new opera.”

Pittsburgh on Video –
“Zombie Opera – Liz Rishel talks about this New Sun Rising Project”

Zombies and Toys – 
“A new twist on the zombie”

South Hills Record –
“Resident uses artistic talents in ‘Zombie Opera'”

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 
“Weekend Hot List”

Boring Pittsburgh –
“Zombie Opera Interview”

Pop City Media –
“It’s like Puccini, yet with stronger brain eating”

New Sun Rising –
“Don’t go alone: The Zombie Opera approaches

Specter Studios Blog –
“ZOMG the Zombie Opera”

PopCity Pittsburgh –
Hot House “zombie opera singers”

Tribune Review –
Horror Realm Cabaret Performance

Lawrenceville Corp – 
Event Info

Tribune Review – 
Event Info

Pittsburgh Magazine – 
Event Info

Only In Pittsburgh – 
Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera – Organization Profile

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