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 BREAKING NEWS  September 8, 2019

Horror Realm 2020!!!

Save the Date: On March 6-8th we are returning to our ol’ haunting grounds, Horror Realm Con! We will be doing…’something’ to help promote our upcoming Ten Year Anniversary! (oh wow… was all that fake blood only nine years ago?!?) Some kind of performance and shennigans are most likely going to occur at Horror Realm.. plus our fancy schmancy and gorey merch table.

Save the date and stay tuned for details!

 BREAKING NEWS  July 19, 2019

Felty Fan Memories

‪Zopera creators Bonnie Bogovich and Liz Rishel cruising around town today, and this lovely doll made by #TZOFans (our “unofficial official” fan club) is still in Liz’s car, ready and waiting for our ten year birthday shennanigans next fall! #hype #zombie #opera #2020 #Pittsburgh#zombieopera

 BREAKING NEWS  January 2, 2019

“Engaging Fandoms” at MAGfest

We are excited to have Zombie Opera Artistic Directors/Co-Creators Bonnie Bogovich, Liz Rishel, and ‘zombie safety’ cartoonist Marjorie Rishel, presenting “Engaging Fandoms:  Crafting Stories for an Established Audiences” at Super MAGFest 2019 this Friday, Jan 4th in National Harbor, MD.  They will dive into the creative process, and lessons learned, from writing operas and musicals based on existing themes, fandoms, & more!

 BREAKING NEWS  August 9, 2017

Undead make a comeback with Dracula


Bonnie and Liz have teamed up once more along with Zombie Opera’s Rock Bottom liason, Gwen Schmidt, and fellow musicians Sean Lenhart, and Judy Kirby to awaken a new undead project.  Not zombies, this time, but vampires!  The team are producing a new podcast radio play version on Bram Stoker’s beloved Gothic Victorian masterpiece, Dracula.  This radio play features a full cast of characters, sound effects, and spooky music to set the tone of the drama.  To complete the experience, each episode of this novel is released on the date that each character chronicles the happenings, so the listener may feel the passage of time as the story unfolds.

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 BREAKING NEWS  January 26, 2017

Song Cycle – History of Video Games

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 2.39.02 PMMore operatic happenings from members of our Zombie Opera team, Bonnie Bogovich collaborated on a recent album by Materia Collective, “Song Cycle: History of Video Games”. This special recording project features reimaginations of classic video game melodies “through game history” arranged for ‘recital-stylized’ voice and piano (with sheet music available as well!)

Bonnie worked on the melodies and lyrics three tracks:

  • “Home” from Fez – piano by Joel Everett, vocals by Laura Intravia
  • “Cohen’s Masterpiece” from Bioshock – piano by Joel Everett, vocals by John Robert Matz
  • “What a Deal on this Plot” based on “Grasswalk” from Plants versus Zombies – piano by Ben Wallace and vocals by Doug Perry

Materia Collective’s “SONG CYCLE: The History of Video Games”

 BREAKING NEWS  October 6, 2016

Remembering Sam Nicotero

nicotero1006-joe-nicotero-obituaryToday, we salute and bid farewell to Sam Nicotero, who passed away on Monday, October 2nd. Sam was our original stage zombie in the debut of Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera, in 2010. Sam had an impressive history of working with horror projects, both film and stage, and was a great asset to Pittsburgh. We know his passing will be felt by the community as a whole. Witty, funny, and very engaged in his involvement, we will miss you, Sam.

Samuel Nicotero (July 6, 1941 – Oct. 3, 2016)
“North Side actor cultivated creativity in his family” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

 BREAKING NEWS  July 31, 2016

Angela lives again… as a Princess!

13726672_638696191538_3743921793879745616_nEmily Swora, who originated the Zombie Opera role “Angela: the party girl” will be performing the role of ‘Princess Peach’ in “Laser Eyes: The Mario Opera” an original musical about Nintendo’s Mario. The performance will be followed by a ballet with a Terminator 2 theme. Should be quite an exciting evening for many fanbases! Get tickets and learn more here

 BREAKING NEWS  May 25, 2016

Old opera with a new taste for Blood!

DG1Zombie Opera creators Bonnie Bogovich and Liz Rishel joined forces with Gwen Schmidt, Michael Greenstein and Mary Beth Sederburg to conceptualize a new angle for Mozart’s Don Giovanni in celebration of Undercroft Opera’s ten-year anniversary. Sederburg asked the ubiquitous duo to help her realize her dream- to merge Don Giovanni with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Ambitious though it was to re-write the the words to the entire opera, Bogovich and Rishel have a vested interested in its outcome- to make opera more accessible to audiences, and to give people a high-quality artistic product that they will love! As an added bonus, both Zombie Opera creators adore the 1897 classic novel, and Rishel even led a group of readers in “The Dracula Challenge”, an endeavor to read the novel in real time last year, each novel entry on the date it was written in the book. And of course, both Bogovich and Rishel are partial to opera with a little gore, especially when combined with a thematic projected backdrop. Read the rest of this entry ?

 BREAKING NEWS  May 14, 2016

Steam The Opera

Zombie Opera Co-creator Liz Rishel has just launched the Kickstarter for her new project, Steam ~ or ~ The Specters of the Knox Mill. The project is a steampunk rock opera ghost story that will be filmed as a movie and released online, and set in Industrial Revolution Pittsburgh. Jordan Speranzo, who played “Aidan” in the Zombie Opera is a core member of the band and Bonnie Bogovich, the other half of the Zombie-Opera-creating-duo, will be featured on the singing board of directors, as well as helping with production and sound design backstage. If you came to the Zombie Opera Five-Year Anniversary Party at Mr. Smalls last October, you may have caught the debut live performance of this project, as they played their first teaser song, “The Pitch.”

Check out their Kickstarter campaign to see how you can help this new project!

 BREAKING NEWS  February 17, 2016

MAGfest, Steampunk, and some Squawking!

Lots of great things happening on the musical wave that Zombie Opera’s Artistic Directors Bonnie and Liz are riding! Their new project, Super Smash Opera has been chosen as a MAGfest Special Event this year, and will be performed on Friday, Feb 19th at 1 pm in Panels 1. Later that same day, they have a Q&A in Panels 4 at 8:30. They are thrilled to be special guests, and plan to reward everyone’s confidence with fun new postcards, new puppets, props, and a full live orchestra and choir! They can’t wait to share the updates with the good people at MAGfest in National Harbor MD. If you can’t attend MAGfest this year, (and you totally should, because it’s amazing fun,) fret not- the administration usually posts their popular panels on YouTube after the convention.

In other news, Liz and her band of Steampunk opera singers is getting ready to launch a kickstarter for their new project, Steam ~ or ~ The Specters of the Knox Mill, another work in their continuing mission to invigorate the opera scene with fun, new material designed for a modern audience. Please stay tuned to learn how you can help contribute to the production of this internet-streaming mini-series.

Bonnie and Liz are also proud to announce the launch of the new Materia Collective Album sequel entitled Successor Final Fantasy VIII Remixed. Both performed on the album, and they continue their trend of combining Final Fantasy with gratuitous bird noises. It’s an extended-length album, the compiled works of several different composers, and is an excellent value for the price. We suggest you check it out if Final Fantasy music appeals to you.

Celebrations and anticipation, it’s a wonderful time to enjoy this new musical renaissance!