» Five years later the Five heads look back… Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera

 BREAKING NEWS  May 23, 2015

Five years later the Five heads look back…

barryzombieoperamashup1b“Five months before our Five year anniversary, the Five production heads of Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera meet to discuss how it all happened.”

Five years ago, The Zombie Opera was in the midst of filming it’s theatrical segments and background action for it’s October 2010 premiere. All these years later, the team has assembled to discuss what made the production a success. Each team member knew their responsibilities and played to their strengths, but the key components behind the Zombie Opera were the driving passion that we all felt for the project, open communication among all the people involved, and the kindness and generosity of all the Pittsburghers who donated their time, talents, and resources, placing their faith in us and our mission.


Thanks yinz- we remember!

Pictured: Bonnie Bogovich (“Ronnie,” Artistic Director), Liz Rishel (“Izzie,” Artistic Director), Barry Bogovich [on ipad screen](Film Director/Editor), Arvin Clay (Special FX/Makeup Designer), and Edwin Huang (Director of Photography)

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